Core Beliefs

What we BELIEVE....

1. The Trinity  - We believe the Godhead consists of 3 persons of the same essence - the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. All fully God. 

2. The full deity and humanity of Jesus Christ  - We believe Jesus was fully God and fully Man as He walked this earth.  

3. Sacrament of Ordinances  - Jesus commanded us to follow two ordinances - Lord’s Supper (Communion) and Baptism.   We celebrate Communion weekly in order that we remember the body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ at Calvary. Baptism is an outward proclamation of an inward transformation that has already taken place. Baptism is a public display of our Salvation and is called upon by the Lord Jesus as an ordinance to be followed. 

4. Eternal Security - We believe once God has saved a soul - He preserves that soul into eternity. One cannot “lose” their salvation nor can we earn it.

5.  Salvation a gift from God and is available through Jesus Christ alone. - There is no other entrance into relationship with God - nor, is salvation something we earn. Jesus’ work at the Cross fully pays for the sin of those who believe in Jesus Christ (John 3:16). 


6. Physical return of the Resurrected Christ  - As noted clearly in Acts 1:8 - the Lord Jesus will return to Mt. Olives the same place of His ascension. While we do not know when - our job is to be prepared at any given time. 

7. The authority and inerrancy of Scripture - We consider both the Old Testament and the New Testament to be God breathed and penned on a scroll by man. We believe His Scripture is authoritative and without error applicable to all generations.