Prayer List

Updated 04/02/2020

Pray the COVID-19 is eliminated quickly ,and those impacted are healed completely.  Pray for our nation to recover from the economic situation created as a result of this pandemic.


Brodi (Johni Welch’s Grandson)

Caleb Jonesnn Humphries

Charlie Self 

Nancy Taylor 

Debra Vanlandingham

Ferrell Mahn

J'Lynn Alling

Jackie Nunley 

Jane Reynolds

Jim Newkirk

Jim Sells 

Jimmie Whitmire 

Johnny Martin 

Joe Helms

Kay Marsh 

Kloe Poston

Laura Alexander

Martha Jenkins 

Mickey Kitchens

Paula Lightner 

Richard Martin 

Sherry Whitmire's Mom and Sister

Tammy James

Tom & Carol Stanford 

Tom Page

Wayne Cartwright



Chase Boyd

Cindy Sells

Craig (Toni Rivers son)

Gordon Penny 

Jacob LIghtner

Jim Laughlin's Family

Preston Baldwin

Rachel Kline

Rick Zahn's  sister & brother-in-law

Ronnie & Shanna Lindsey

Sandy Dutton’s Family

Tracy Johnson

Tyler Sells 



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Meeting all our needs


Local Leaders, Community and Chruch 

Charlies Angels 

Community Church Leadership 

Our Youth and Children Leaders 

Pray for the unity of our flock - forgiveness, patience and love one another

Pray for a hedge of protection around Pastor Glen and Ms. Tammy

Pray for the community businesses and employment of our flock - may God grant them favor and bless them

Pray that visitors feel at home and welcome within our home



Be in prayer for all our Missionaries as they spread the Gospel abroad